Domina Colette


Pain stings most sharply in a context of comfort. The bewitching Miss Grey and I have joined forces in a playspace once ruled by Mistress Lucinda Archer. Our three-chambered retreat offers every amenity for luxury--and panic..

Executive Dungeon

The Boudoir

The Medical Suite

Executive Dungeon--Back to Front View

Executive Dungeon--Front to Back View

Every Mistress receives gifts and tributes. My most extraordinary? An exquisite Torturer's throne, handcrafted and presented to the dungeon by my slave robert

Stand-Up Jail Cage

St. Andrew's Cross

Hanging Strap Cage (left) Stand-Up Jail Cage (center) and Overnight Puppy Cage (right)

Bondange Table with built-in stocks, stretching rack, and puppy cage hand-crafted by slave r