Domina Colette


Obedience is the passkey to my heart, but creative insurrection has also been known to work. ~C~

I adhere to the traditional virtues: stealth, ferocity, sensual abandon, absolute calm when breaking the rules. ~C~

What started as a lark turned into a raven perched on my window cawing, Evermore! ~C~

There is an instant before the whip bites flesh when, whistling through the air, it could be a soothing breeze. ~C~

About my instruments of torture I feel as a woodcarver feels about his tools: admiration for their beauty, yes, but also for the beauty of what they can do. ~C~

My Crusade is for love in its unloved varieties: genitorture, sissification, golden showers. I am the Joan of Arc of kink. I lead an army marching on its knees. ~C~

What a comfort to know that at any random hour of the day I am the guilty secret troubling the ease of a dozen men. ~C~

I do not begrudge a man his moral compass provided I have set its needle spinning. ~C~

Every life is enriched by visitations of chaos. I am the storm a peaceful heart craves. ~C~

Leather is the extension of my imagination. ~C~

Why should we not pursue pleasure to its ends? Why should our secrets not be set free? If actions define us, let them express who we truly wish to be. ~C~

I do not believe in spanking children, but I find it a useful motivational tool in dealing with recalcitrant middle-aged men. ~C~

At some point in my development the whip became an extension of my hand. Now I have only to point my finger and a welt appears. ~C~

There is no sound sweeter to a woman's ear than a baby's laugh--when coaxed from the lips of a diapered man. ~C~

Pain and pleasure are jealous sisters. Embrace one, and the other invariably sneaks into your bed. ~C~

Bible teachings daily, 1 Peter 2:18, 2:19, 2:20. ~C~

All of us eventually arrive at that place where the sweetest thing in our lives is a complicated secret quite capable of destroying everything we have built. ~C~

Beauty gives license to Cruelty. Cruelty secures Beauty in the hearts of men. ~C~

If the shoe fits, kiss it. ~C~

S/M is the real creation of new possibilities of pleasure. We have to create new pleasure. And then desire will follow. ~Foucault~

Once you make this journey there is no turning back. You may, on occasion, visit your prior life-- but you no longer live there. ~C~

I lead a Marvel Comics life. By day a mild-mannered, even nerdy girl. By night a thing with wings and claws. ~C~

I have never, ever objected to the strange. If anything offends me it is the tyranny of convention. ~C~